Configure Media Directory

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Configure Media Directory

Post by dkromp » Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:09 am

I am new to netjukebox, and I am trying to configure it on my website, hosted by I have uploaded the files to my site in the following publicly accessible directory: public_html/audio and have been able to login as admin on my netjukebox site. The problem I am currently having is figuring out the path to use in the to connect to the media directory.

I would like to use a folder in the root directory called "media" for netjukebox to access my media (on my website at the http://www.[my domain name]/media), but am baffled on how to configure the media directory to accomplish this. Here are my current settings:

$cfg['media_dir'] = '/media';
$cfg['convert_undersquare'] = false;

I figured this configuration would do the trick, and even though when I click "Config>Update" on my netjukebox admin page, it appears that there are no problems (everything is checked), no files are shown in under "Media>New".

Structure & image: (Check)
File info: (Check)
Cleanup: (Check)
Image: (Check)

I even deleted my folder at http://www.[my domain name]/media to make sure that the path in the .php file referred to it, but when I deleted the folder and clicked on "Config>Update" again, again it seemed as if there were no problems updating the media library. When I changed the name of the folder in the .php file instead of '/media' to anything else, netjukebox does not follow the path and does not update successfully.

Thus, I am very confused as to where the Media Path actually refers. Since I do not have linux, and am just using a webhost to host my site, I do not see the folders on the server except the ones that I have permissions to (my website). Can't I still path the media directory to a folder on my site? HOW?!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Configure Media Directory

Post by wbartels » Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:32 am

$cfg['media_dir'] must be a local directory and ending with a slash for Linux os.

For example:
$cfg['media_dir'] = '/usr/local/media/';

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