Porting Code to Mambo ??

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Porting Code to Mambo ??

Post by BigBossMan »

I thought I would just see if there was any interest in porting this code over to CMS system like mambo ?

I thought I would be really cool to couple it with the power of mambo and mamybe even use a few of the features availible there?

Just a thought...

Would like to help out if there is any interest...



Feature requests

Post by newbeat »

Why mambo ? Is very overloaded and very complicated for new mambo´s user.
I ´m runing NJB from usb stick on every computer with Xampp (lite).
You dont need nothing to configure, only path for NJB in Apache config - xampplite\apache\conf\httpd - (DocumentRoot "/xampplite/netjukebox") or replace original index.html in htdocs directory with NJB index.php.
Second step is only editing of paths in netjukebox (/netjukebox/include/config.inc ) for media directory ($cfg['media_dir'] = '/Media/NJB'; .... my path) and path to codecpackfolder. ($cfg['decode_stdout']['ofs'] = ':\Codec\ofs.exe --decode --silent %source --output -';) .... to exapmle.
Now click on icon xampp_start and u are runing NJB.