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help imageing

Post by djary » Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:32 pm

hello all im useing this script on host but
firest my host dont install httpQWinamp on host , can i use flash player or other script (mp3player or....) if answef yes how install plash player or .......

2- see this images :




in images Media is Artis and this file in www (root Or /httpdocs in plsek) and in the Media folder , hast 1 folder and this name is " ye shakhe niloofar" in this folder has Album (of Media) which in > 3 track music <

but i add many artist and album but in " include / " only add 1 album and artist

how add new music and album and artist like demo ?

3- in the download album has error

File does not exist or is empty:

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