Beating ASCAP for non-profit

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Beating ASCAP for non-profit

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I work with non profits. And ASCAP has paid a visit claiming that the music being played needs compensation.

As an example of ASCAP - ... id=3151285

In looking into the matter the following ideas came up:

1) Is there a list of CC music that can be played in public space that instead could be used?
2) Is there a list of CC music that can be not only played but placed on a music CD to be downloadable/given away as "Sounds of (non-profit name)"
3) ASCAP does not cover all music - is there a list of songs no longer covered by ASCAP that could then be played in public as a form of audio middle finger to ASCAP/BMI?

and from a promotion POV
4) Is there a patch to netjukebox that would allow for song switching/voting up or down songs such that at the end of the month the non profit can publish a list of the most popular songs as voted on as an additional reason for a social networking post??

A second possible 'beat them at their own game' - as I remember reading about was how the ASCAP fee was either flat or if you listed each and every song played when a different rate is possible. Perhaps there is a way to play older or artists that normally would not get a check via ASCAP to become aware of what they should get via a large network of player-reporting. Let ASCAP get into fights with the artists they represent.