Download problem Debian 11 bullseye

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Download problem Debian 11 bullseye

Post by thepope »

Hello ,
after I have to recreate my server I get the following message :

Failed to create directory:

I checked the permission from Directories and files, same as before with the old server.

Someone an Idea ?

best regards

Heiko from Germany
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Re: Download problem Debian 11 bullseye

Post by wbartels »

On my Ubuntu server the netjukebox and media directory have the following privileges:
Mode: 0775
Owner: username/www-data

What happens when running this small test script?

Code: Select all

$dir = '/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-921e6cea-f508-4248-aa46-cf380660e000/htdocs/netjuke/test_01_directory/';

if (!is_dir($dir) && !@mkdir($dir, 0777))
    echo('Failed to create directory:<br>' . $dir);
    echo 'Ok:<br>' . $dir;
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