Additions to Skins, Maybe ?


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Additions to Skins, Maybe ?

Post by BigBossMan »

I think the idea of making NJ flexible with the option of skins is a great idea. I thought that I would throw this out there also...

There is a lot of empty space that shows up on the default browse page. I thought it would be cool if you could fill it with stats. You can only see the stats page if you have access to the config pages. What if while making skins, you could throw in an option to display or not display certain stats like what you already have in the config page. Maybe even extended it a bit like top 5 artist with most number of CDs or total stream stream time since last reboot, number of users, number of user hits. Others might be top five newest albums, top five plays, genre percentage break outs, number of times of database updates, last user logged on, number of favorites lists accessed, and so on.

Obviously you wouldn't want to put all of those on, some are irrelavant and some you all ready have. I just thought it would be a nice touch and controllible for those who don't like it.

Just a thought

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Post by Shizzle »

I like that idea a lot... I do agree that the browse page has a lot of empty space that could be used to display stuff like that. I will see if I can incorporate some of those on my server, since WBartels is on a well deserved summer break :wink: :D. If I am successful with adding those type of options I will make sure that I share it with the rest of you.