Favorites problem with anonymous user

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Favorites problem with anonymous user

Post by blueflush »

I have netjukebox 3.77b installed on my local network (recently upgraded from 3.55). However I have a problem with the favorites feature.

I have the two default users only as all users log in with the anonymous account. The permissions for anonymous are; browse, favorites, playlist, play, add. Unfortunatley when logged in as anonymous playlists cannot be added to favorites, the error message "You have no privilege to access this page" is displayed despite permissions being granted for the user.

I have tested the problem further and it seems that if anonymous is also granted rights to config the favorites function starts working. I assume this is not purposeful?

I would be very grateful if you could help me out with this issue, let me know if you need any further detail.

Thanks for the great script.
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Post by wbartels »

This is not a bug.
When you have "favorites access right" you can only play favorites.
When you also want to delete, edit & update favorites you must have config rights.

But if you want a user with "favorites access right" to delete, edit & update favorites you can change the needed access right in favorites.php


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