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Shared Server SHOUTcast

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Is it possible to use netjukebox to play music on SHOUTcast servers on a remote server with shared permissions?

I want to be able to have netjukebox installed on a server with a shared hosting package (no root access), give it some songs to play, and have netjukebox play these songs on another server, the SHOUTcast server, at normal speed. Similar to how a home user would use the Winamp SHOUTcast plugin to play songs on their SHOUTcast server, I want to be able to use netjukebox (or something else) to do this for me, remotely. Is this possible with netjukebox?

The shared server on which I wish to run netjukebox is Linux, and the SHOUTcast server is Windows.

If so, how do I do it, and if not, does anyone know anything that allows this on a shared server?
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