Standard questions...question #2

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Standard questions...question #2

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Standard questions...question #2

Postby John on Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:35 pm
I am importing into Netjukebox & I'm running into the following issue.

If a Artist has a multiple disks out for 1 cd-cover, how do I get those under that artists name? For example, if I have Artist: Johnny Singer: CD Called: My Greatest Hits: and there are 2 cd's under that name. When I import them in, they get put in under the artist name of "My Greatest Hits" and the disk name is Disk 1 & disk 2. Is there any way to set it for

Johnny Singer
--------My Greatest Hits
------------Disk 1
------------Disk 2

As it imports now it shows:

My Greatest Hits
--------Disk 1
--------Disk 2

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