Error when streaming

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Error when streaming

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Great script, but having an issue with a new server build - perhaps someone can suggest something. I had this working fine (only use the streaming functionality) with a previous Win2k3 server. I have now built a 2k8 64-bit server and can't solve this one issue. I have configured IIS7, installed MySQL (5.1.34), PHP (5.2.9-2), populated the MySQL database, and can log into the website/view the file entries etc and download audio files via the script. I am using Winamp as a client and the playlist gets populated with what I want to stream but I always get this in the playlist when trying to stream:

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

Any suggestions?
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Re: Error when streaming

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Maybe you could try to upgrade your php to version 5.3.8.
I had the same problem and after upgrading that it worked fine for me.