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Android application

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About two months ago, I received my new phone and i noticed last week that the android browser can't download songs and can't download the generated m3u files.
And my experience with the playlist page is that is isn't really built for a mobile browser with touchscreen operation, It works but it isn't really optimized for mobile smartphones.

..So I decided to try to make an android application. I make this for private use, but if there are people here who want to have it..
What I have now is: I can control the playlist(play, pause, stop, and so on), control volume, load playlist and select tracks from the playlist to play, since today I have a settings page where it is possible to enter the netjukebox server hostname and username&password.
I'll go figure out how the login-system works and implement it in the app so it is possible to login.

Does anyone have an idea to improve the playlist layout? Or the rest of the application..

Here are some screenshots: The start menu: Image
Playlist: Image
Playlist: Image
Settings: Image