mNJB - a new port for a new times ...

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mNJB - a new port for a new times ...

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For a while I tried to convince Waldo to made NJB ​​more functional. F.ex. to increase the opportunities for reading documents (e-books). In my opinion, NJB has a lot of potential and could well be a home mediatank. Waldo does not have time so I tried to do something in this regard. The idea is to use NJB to access to music, movies, e-books, audiobooks, and photos on our home server. Of course, Waldo would have done it in one-two days, I'm doing it very slowly but it goes ...

If you are willing for such use NJB (and to assist in the transformation NJB in to mNJB - media NJB :D ) to let me know, we will do something briskly.

1. We have a separate "library" - music, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, photos etc.
2. Each library will be handled by a separate instance of the NJB

// in this way, our large collection is very flexible and can grow in the future with new sections

3. NJB code changes should be minimal - in the future, maybe someone will gather everything together and do this one mediatank server ....

// I try to keep changes to the code only inside the "index.php" file and to the new sub-directory "include_2" which will house for all the extras

What I already do:
1. menu to change the server (library)
2. info, image gallery and video gallery of the artist / author
3. info, image gallery and video gallery for album / movie / ebook / audiobook
4. now working on support for e-books

My workshop:
1. OS Windows Vista
2. the main server is a Wamp (Apache server)
3. mediatank on usb disk "I:"
4. ultimately - mediatank and the main server on Synology 712+
5. at this moment - all must work under Chrome browser, in the future maybe under another browsers
ebook files :))
ebook files :))
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