VLC Configuration

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VLC Configuration

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Hi Willem, long time since I've posted here.
I've recently been using netjukebox more and more for video lately. It seems to do a great job, and I love being able to organize the media. WinAmp as I am sure you are aware is a pain to try and get configured for video compared to VLC. I liked hearing a while back that you added support for VLC. This is the first time I'm attempting to try and configure VLC - and no luck so far. I was wondering if you have, or know of, some instructions on how to configure VLC with your app? I also read that you're not sure if you're going to add playlist functionality for VLC, is this still the case? Is it more involved than WinAmp? Thanks again for the great app and keeping it going for us.

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Re: VLC Configuration

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My configuration as example:
VLC on PC with IP
Music on NAS with IP
Listening music on PC
Never tryed it with videos, music works perfectly.

VLC web interface sould be enabled and a passwort for LUA must be set.

netjukebox VLC player profile:
Player host:
Player port: 8080 (unless you changed it in VLC)
Player password: VLC LUA password
Media share: file://

You may try to access your VLC webinterface by typing localhost:8080 in your browser.
This webinterface shows a playlist. See also viewtopic.php?f=13&t=9780#p11458