Stream cuts out at 5 minutes into a song

This is not a bug or can't reproduce
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Stream cuts out at 5 minutes into a song

Post by ix6tech »

When streaming music using the source streaming profile at approx. 5 minutes 30 minutes to 5 minutes 49 seconds at random intervals with different songs when streaming an album. This has been observed to happen on both a local test platform, and remote platform.

Platform: CentOS 6
Player used to stream: VLC Player 2.1.5 Rincewind
Stream Profile: Source

Note: This does not occur if you manually fast-forward to the 5 minute 30 second mark into a track. (Testing this will require some patience)

Steps to reproduce:

1) Select an album that has tracks lasting 6 minutes or longer.
2) Select “Stream Album”.
3) Listen to the tracks, and maintain time with each track from start to finish.

Expected Results:

Continuous play of each track should playout from start to finish.

Actual Results:

Continuous play will skip after 5 minutes and 30 seconds of play on a track, and flip to the next track in the playlist.
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Re: Stream cuts out at 5 minutes into a song

Post by wbartels »

I can't reproduce this problem.
Source, transcode and realtime transcode set the expire time to endless with:

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ini_set('max_execution_time', 0);
Most hosting providers don't allow to change the max_execution_time value with the ini_set() function.
It is possible to check if the value is set correctly with:

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echo ini_set('max_execution_time', 0) ? 'max_execution_time set' : 'max_execution_time error';